The Patrol Division is the most highly visible component of the Police Department. Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Patrol Division represents the bulk of the department's staffing. The objectives of the Patrol Division are to:

  • Enforce criminal and traffic laws throughout the city of Chickasha,
  • Prevent crime through preventive patrol,
  • Perform a variety of diverse services for the community including general assistance, public information and to alleviate public hazards.

The members of the Patrol Division work in partnership with the citizens, businesses and various other community groups in addition to other law enforcement and social service agencies to provide high-quality service to the citizens of Chickasha.

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Officer Duties

Officers are available to assist citizens with most any request, including the reporting of crimes, accident reporting and investigations, lost/found property, extra patrol requests, and motorist assistance.

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Officers may not always know the answer to every question, but they will do their best to find the information needed.

If you need an officer, please contact Dispatch at 405-222-6050, or if needed in an emergency, dial 911.