Community Development


The Office of Community Development was established to plan and guide the orderly growth and development of the City of Chickasha. The Department is made up of the Building Inspection, Planning and Zoning, Plan Review, Flood Plain Administration, and Code Compliance Divisions. Our mission is to enhance the health, safety and welfare of the community through enforcement of applicable regulations to promote a high quality of life in a growing community.

Comprehensive Plan - Onward Chickasha

The City of Chickasha is working with Guernsey to develop an updated Comprehensive Plan. Click here to register for the Community Engagement Platform, take surveys, and to learn more. 

Click here to view the presentation Guernsey shared at the June 20, 2022 City Council meeting.
Click here to view the presentation Guernsey shared at the December 4, 2023 City Council meeting. 

Thank you to George Plummer and KOOL 105.5 for having us on Real Estate Today to discuss Onward Chickasha. 

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The City of Chickasha uses MyGov for contractor registrations, permitting, inspections and code compliance. 

Building permits shall be obtained prior to making an improvements or alterations to a property. If you have any questions if your project will require a permit, please contact us.

Apply for a permit, look up permits, or run reports on MyGov.

If you need assistance, please contact the Community Development Department at (405) 222-6010.