Severe Weather News & Information

5/21/19 Update

Emergency Management is currently monitoring rivers and creeks in the area, which are in their banks at this time. Should the situation change, we will update again. 

5/20/19 severe weather reminders

Know the difference in a watch and a warning. 

  • A watch means conditions are favorable for severe weather to happen. If a watch is issued, you should pay close attention to the weather and be prepared to take action, if needed. 
  • A warning is issued when severe weather is occurring or is imminent in a location. When a warning is issued, take action immediately to ensure your safety,

Make sure you have at least 3 ways to receive emergency alerts. 

  • NOAA weather radios, local TV and radio news, and cell phone apps are all great options. 
  • Outdoor sirens are not intended to alert those indoors of an emergency and may not be heard if you are inside. 

Prepare an emergency kit. 

  • Charge your cell phone and prepare an emergency kit with supplies including water, flashlights and batteries, valuables, and important medication. Include supplies for your pets, and make sure they have an ID tag so you can be reunited if you get separated. 

Make sure you and your family know where to go. 

  • Don't wait for an emergency to have a plan. Make sure your family knows where to go at work, at home and at school. The safest place is in a storm shelter. If one is not available, go to the lowest level of your home, away from doors, windows and exterior walls. 
  • If you live in a mobile home, prepare to seek shelter in a permanent structure. 
  • The City of Chickasha does not have any public storm shelters and urges you to shelter in place if possible. 

If you are not home when severe weather hits, don't seek shelter under bridges and overpasses. 

  • Bridges and overpasses are not storm shelters. Stopping under one puts you and others on the road at risk. 
  • Don't drive into flooded roadways or around barricades.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.