1. City Clerk / Financial

    The City Clerk is the custodian of all records belonging to the city.

  2. Community Development

    The Office of Community Development was established to plan and guide the orderly growth and development of the City of Chickasha.

  3. Emergency Management

  4. Fire / EMS

    Chickasha Fire / Emergency Medical Service (EMS) responds to a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency requests for service.

  5. Lake Chickasha

    Lake Chickasha is located approximately 12 miles NW of Chickasha and is operated by the Chickasha Parks and Recreation Department.

  6. Library

    Chickasha Public Library

  7. Municipal Airport

    View statistics and other information released by the Chickasha Municipal Airport.

  8. Parks & Recreation

    Chickasha Parks and Recreation Department has over 2,000 acres of land in our parks system.

  9. Police Department

    The mission of the Chickasha Police Department is to serve as a responsive, proactive, and cooperative partner to reduce the fear and incidents of crime while enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of our community through accountability, professional responsibility, and strategic utilization of resources.

  10. Public Works

    Obtain information about snow, ice, and sanitation.

  11. Sports-Complex

    The Chickasha Sports Complex host a variety of sporting events that include all age groups as well as all skill levels and abilities. We have professional staff and facilities that are excited about helping you host an event in Chickasha. Contact us today to reserve your spot on our calendar.